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Vue Format by yuqiu

Install with:
    apm install vue-format

vue-format package (

A screenshot of your package

bash apm install vue-format

Or Settings/Preferences ➔ Packages ➔ Search for vue-format

Language Support


It will beautify .vue file for html,css and js


You can also type ctrl-alt-v as a shortcut or click Packages > vue-format in the menu.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

See Keymaps In-Depth for more details.

For example:

coffeescript '.editor': 'ctrl-alt-b': 'atom-beautify:beautify-editor'


use js-beautify default


See examples/simple-jsbeautifyrc/.jsbeautifyrc.

json { "indent_size": 2, "indent_char": " ", "other": " ", "indent_level": 0, "indent_with_tabs": false, "preserve_newlines": true, "max_preserve_newlines": 2, "jslint_happy": true, "indent_handlebars": true }


MIT © LeslieYQ yuqiu

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