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Url Utils by Daniel Bayley (

Install with:
    apm install url-utils

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Atom URL Utils

A small set of utilities for manipulating URLs in Atom.


Each command works on multiple selections, or each URL found in a block of selected text.


Currently removes any unnecessary www. or trailing / from selected URLs, and prepends the http:// protocol if absent. For example, becomes

This can be configured in the package settings to always enforce https.

The ability to automatically tidy up all URLs when specified files are saved can also be configured.


URI encode/decode selected text.


Open selected links in your default browser, or atom-webbrowser tabs if installed and configured in package settings.


Wrap selected URLs in either Markdown or HTML link tags, depending on the current file grammar.


apm install url-utils or search “url” under Packages within Atom.


MIT © Daniel Bayley

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