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Ubik Neon Syntax by Michele 'Ubik' De Simoni

Install with:
    apm install ubik-neon-syntax

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Ubik Neon Syntax Logo

Inspired by the retrofuturist aestethics of the 80s, Neuromancer and neon lights. Ubik Neon has a dark background and the syntax has bright colors in order to achieve maximum readability. I strongly recommend leaving the dark background unchanged, coupling it with a dark UI-theme. (I use atom-material-ui with pink accent and a black primary)

Ubik Neon Syntax Screenshot

Special languages support

The following languages have extra customization: * Python: since I mostly code in Python that is where my customization show itself the most. * Jinja: custom Jinja code styling is supported if you use atom-jinja2. * Markdown: custom Markdown styling is supported. * RestructuredText: custom RestructuredText code styling is supported if you use language-restructuredtext.

Contributing: If you want a particular syntax for a language either open an issue or fork/PR and I will be happy to implement your code.


From the command line: apm install ubik-neon-syntax

From Atom, go to Settings –> Install –> Themes –> type in ubik-neon-syntax

If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Happy Coding!

:palm_tree: Ubik :palm_tree:

PS: if you like what you see check my Spyder Gotham syntax theme and my Atom Gotham Syntax.

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