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Ubik Gotham Syntax

Install with:
    apm install ubik-gotham-syntax

ubik-gotham-syntax Atom Theme


Better Screenshot:

Disclaimer: I strongly recommend leaving the dark background unchanged, coupling it with a dark UI-theme.


Inspired by the Gotham colorscheme, modified and enriched to better highlight code. Code highlighting is done by altering / adding new colors to the base gotham scheme and by experimenting with font styling; this is by far still a growing pet project of mine: as I code more and in more language I will tweak it according to my eyes’ fatigue and aesthetic sense.

Since I mostly code in Python that is where my customization show itself the most.

SPECIAL: Custom Jinja code styling is supported if you use atom-jinja2.


From the command line: apm install ubik-gotham-syntax

From Atom, go to Settings –> Install –> Themes –> type in ubik-gotham-syntax

If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Happy Coding!


PS: if you like what you see check my Spyder syntax theme and the gotham-contrib repository

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