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Todo Manager

Install with:
    apm install todo-manager

todo-manager package

Manage TODOs, NOTEs, etc. from inside Atom.

Note: This package requires bottom-dock




Note: the config for todo-manager will be empty since the default values aren’t saved to the config file. If you want to keep the default settings you will also need to include the values below: coffee "todo-manager": regexes: [ { regexName: "TODO" regexString: "/\\b@?TODO:?\\s(.+$)/g" } { regexName: "NOTE" regexString: "/\\b@?NOTE:?\\s(.+$)/g" } { regexName: "FIXME" regexString: "/\\b@?FIXME:?\\s(.+$)/g" } ] ignoredNames: [ "**/node_modules/**" "**/vendor/**" "**/bower_components/**" ] Note: * Adding too many regexes can cause performance problems.

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