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Titanium Alloy

Install with:
    apm install titanium-alloy

All-in-One package for Titanium Alloy

This is a Atom package for Titanium Alloy

$ apm install titanium-alloy

Conflict & Requires Notice - Alloy 1.8.x setting - If you use alloy 1.7.x or before, you have to un-check the checkbox of “Is Alloy CLI 1.8.x or later?” package setting because Alloy 1.8 relocates i18n and platform directories. - Requires - Hyperclick package for Jump to definition
(Now It will be installed automatically. After relaunch atom, Hyperclick works. Thanks @HazemKhaled #16) - Conflict - If you using other tss grammar package, such as language-tss. It makes this package doesn’t work.


### Autocomplete jump-to-definition - Titanium properties - such as ‘Ti.UI.SIZE’, true, ‘black’, Ti.UI.TEXT_ALIGNMENT_CENTER. - id and class name - based on current controller’s tss and app.tss. - module name - all of controller/widget/model name on XML and JS - on XML : After <Require src=', you can see the suggestions. - on JS : After Alloy.create[Controller|Widget|Model], you can see the suggestions. - Image path - image path in app/assets/images directory. - When you type '/i', you can see the suggestions. - i18n - i18n key base on app/i18n/{language}/strings.xml - After L(', you can see the suggestions

Jump to definition

This feature is a hyperclick provider.

Hyperclick is triggered by two events: - <cmd> or <cmd-mousemove> underlines clickable text under the mouse. - <cmd-mousedown> performs the action associated with the clickable text. - <cmd-alt-enter> performs the action on the text under the cursor.


Key Bindings | Command Desc ———– | ———— ctrl-alt-a | Open all relative files ctrl-alt-v | Open view ctrl-alt-s | Open style ctrl-alt-c | Open controller

On package setting, there is an option to change layout of “Open All related files” command. (2 columns or 3columns)

TSS Sytax Highlight

refer to language-css and language-json, language-tss
This hightlight use css color your current theme. So tss file looks like css file.


See snippets/tialloy.cson ## Reference - Autocomplete css - Jump to definition by clicking - css package - hyperclick

Release note

See github repo release page.



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