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Theme Realgithub

Install with:
    apm install theme-realgithub


Repository to store Atom theme package


apm install theme-realgithub




The purpose of the organization RealGithub is to provide color theme 100% alike to the one used in and from github for all major cross platform text editors.


The original theme is the one stored in this repository.

It was made with ( and we appreciate the project TmTheme-Editor.

For more info visit (

RealGithub theme was not build from scratch instead we used Inspiredgithub theme (!/editor/theme/Inspiredgithub) from ( as a starting point, but we made some tiny changes so the resulting theme looks exaclty like the one used in and from github.

We want to thank to (, the creator of (!/editor/theme/Inspiredgithub) and ( beacuse they are the reason for creation of RealGithub theme.


If you find any mismatch from github’s theme plase make a new Issue or new Pull Request to the original RealGithub theme repository ( not to this one.

Enjoy the coding experience!

We hope we bring you the same coding experience as editing or reading code from github!

We <3 github!

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