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The Bespoke Pixel

Install with:
    apm install the-bespoke-pixel-ui

‘The Bespoke Pixel’ UI theme for Atom

A soothing, softer and easier-on-the-eye UI theme for long coding sessions, borrowing from many years of Sublime Edit use and customisation. This is the theme I use now for daily Atom use.

Based on ‘Atom Dark UI’, colours are built relativistically using HSL, so it will be possible to adjust the whole interface from a simple setting, along with overall brightness. For now, these can be found in ‘styles/hues.less’ until I can find an elegant way of providing configurable settings that don’t require a restart or an ugly reload.

Other features:

Companion syntax theme: the-bespoke-pixel-syntax

More to come as I find more that I need, or post questions, comments or pull requests on Github.


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