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Tester by yacut

Install with:
    apm install tester


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Tester is a test runner for the hackable Atom Editor. Additionally, you need to install a specific tester provider for your test framework. You will find a full list below in the Known provider section.


Base Features

How to / Installation

You can install through the CLI by doing:

$ apm install tester

Or you can install from Settings view by searching for Tester.

Known providers

Tester API


Declare the provider callback in the package.json.

js "providedServices": { "tester": { "versions": { "1.0.0": "provideTester" } } }

Define the provider callback in lib/main.js.

js export function provideTester() { return { name: 'tester-name', options: {}, scopes: ['**/test/*.js', '**/*spec.js'], test(textEditor) { // Note, a Promise may be returned as well! return { messages: [ { duration: 1, // duration in ms error: { name: 'optional error object', message: 'something went wrong', actual: 'optional actual result', // can be an object expected: 'optional expected result', // can be an object operator: 'optional operator', }, filePath: 'file path to highlight', lineNumber: 1, // line number to highlight state: 'failed', // 'passed' | 'failed' | 'skipped', title: 'some test title', } ], output: 'tester console output' }; }, stop(textEditor) { // stop tester if needed } }; }

Experimental Features

Test all opened files after any save action



I’d like to give a shout out to Wallaby.js, which is a significantly more comprehensive and covers a lot more editors, if this extension interests you - check out that too.


Stick to imposed codestyle:


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