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Tabs To Spaces by Lee Dohm

Install with:
    apm install tabs-to-spaces

Tabs to Spaces

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An Atom package for converting leading whitespace to either all spaces or all tabs.


It can convert any form of leading whitespace to either all spaces (Untabify) or the maximum number of tabs and minimum number of spaces with tabs up front (Tabify) to fill the same space. It can also convert all tabs in a document to spaces (Untabify All).

It will also, with configuration, convert to your preferred method of leading whitespace on save.



Tabs to Spaces uses the following configuration values:

The package also supports language-specific configuration for the onSave setting. For example, the following configuration will tabify all file types on save except for JavaScript files:

coffee '*': 'tabs-to-spaces': 'onSave': 'tabify' '.source.js': 'tabs-to-spaces': 'onSave': 'none'

No matter what tabs-to-spaces.onSave settings you configure, your config.cson will not be automatically tabified or untabified.


Keybindings have not been set for this package. They can easily be added by referencing the commands listed above.

Copyright © 2014-2016 by Lee Dohm and Lifted Studios. See LICENSE for details.

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