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Swift Debugger

Install with:
    apm install swift-debugger

Swift-Debugger package

A Swift Debugger Package for Atom!


alt-r to hide/show the debugger view

alt-shift-r to toggle breakpoints at the current line

How to use

Install using APM

$ apm install swift-debugger language-swift language-swift package provides syntax highlighting

Create a project

$ mkdir MySwiftProject && touch MySwiftProject/main.swift && touch MySwiftProject/Package.swift

Open the folder in atom

$ atom MySwiftProject

Give name to the swift package, Enter this in Package.swift

```objc import PackageDescription

let package = Package( name: “MySwiftProject” ) ```

Enter some sample code in main.swift

objc let myAwesomeString = "hey I am an awesome string" print(myAwesomeString) let awesomeInt = 500 print(awesomeInt)

Press alt-r to open the debugger

Swift Debugger

Set executable and swift path for debugger

Enter this in the input box of the debugger e=MySwiftProject (press enter) p=/home/aciid/swift/swift-2.2-SNAPSHOT-2015–12–01-b-ubuntu15.10/usr/bin (press enter) Debugger will print: “swift path set” and “executable path set” respectively

Press “run” to build and run the code

alt-shift-r to toggle breakpoint at the current line

After toggling the breakpoint, press run and then enter p myAwesomeString to print the object

More tutorial:

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