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Squirrel Linter

Install with:
    apm install squirrel-linter


Linter for Squirrel with support for Electric Imp platform.

Utilizes standard Squirrel compiler binary – sq.


bash brew install squirrel apm install language-squirrel linter squirrel-linter

Plugin Installation

Squirrel Installation

In order for plugin to work, sq executable should be available.


brew install squirrel

Linux, Windows

Atom Package

Alternatively, package can be installed from the Settings pane of Atom by searching for and installing the squirrel-linter package.


You need linter and language-squirrel packages installed as well. If you don’t have them, run:

or install them via the Settings pane.


After installation, you will see error highlighted in the editor and the output in the console. (To view the console, press Cmd+Alt+I on OS X, or Ctrl+Alt+I on Windows.)

Electric Imp-specific Features

In order to be able to run the Electric Imp code, shims are automatically added to the source:

Convenience Features

Configuration Options


[default: “sq”]

Electric Imp uses non-standard Squirrel compiler, so to replicate EI environment this config option can be set to use the specific compiler binary.


[default: true]

If this option is set to true, compiler output and other debug information will be displayed in developer tools console. To show the console press Ctrl+Cmd+I OS X, or Ctrl+Alt+I on Windows.

[default: true]

If this option is set to true, EI shims will be included and file will be executed, rather than just compiled. The output will appear in devtools console.

How is this different from linter-squirrel




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