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Spotify Remote

Install with:
    apm install spotify-remote

Spotify Remote Atom package!

the current version only supports Linux, Windows and IOS compatibility are coming

Operate Spotify remotely within atom editor.

Now without horrible notifications! thanks to @iboshkov, he added a beautiful status bar!

It uses gdbus to send commands to the client, there are some issues with the Spotify gdbus API, one of them is to get the current position of the track being played.

Right now you can only play, pause, go to next song and to the previous one with your keyboard, having a visual response showing the current track and it’s status


@nicobevilacqua @iboshkov


ctrl-alt-x: Previous track ctrl-alt-c: Play/Pause ctrl-alt-v: Next track

more features comming~~ feel free to send a pull request with new additions

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