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Slack Ui Alter

Install with:
    apm install slack-ui-alter

Slack UI Alter

A tweaked version of the original slack-ui theme by tony-jones ( While tony-jones’ original theme was great, I had a few minor tweaks that I wanted, which is why I forked this out.

Side-by-side Comparison: comparison

His original (as it was during the time this was forked) is preserved below:

A light UI theme for Atom that is inspired by Slack’s aubergine theme. ###### Made by @iamtonybagels

screen shot 2015-10-16 at 3 27 27 am


Recent Updates


Fire up a console and type:

$ apm install slack-ui

Or, inside Atom’s settings select Install and then search for this package.


screen shot 2015-10-16 at 3 01 25 am

Use with Atom’s ‘Atom Light’ Syntax theme.


Contributions, questions and comments are all welcome and encouraged. For code contributions, please submit a pull request. Related issues, bugs, and feature requests should be filed on the Slack-UI issue tracker.

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Change Log

No v1.0.0 Yet Released

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