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Sftp Deployment by Ellipsis Team

Install with:
    apm install sftp-deployment

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SFTP-Deployment for

Spend less time managing file transfers and more time coding. FTP and SFTP support for to send and receive files directly in your server.

SFTP-Deployment is a package for using SSH2 client and Node FTP modules written in pure Javascript for node.js.







  1. Search sftp or ftp in the atom package manager
  2. Since the installation is successful, you can generate the configuration file with the command
    • cmd-shift-p and search mapToRemote
    • Packages menu -> FTP/SFTP -> Map to Remoteā€¦
    • Create your own
  3. Set your ftp/sftp configuration in this file
  4. Use it!

The configuration file MUST always be in the root directory of your project.

Example of configuration file:

SFTP with user/password :

{ "type": "sftp", "host": "", "user": "username", "password": "password", "port": "22", "remotePath": "/example/path" }

SFTP protocol with private key :

{ "type": "sftp", "host": "", "user": "username", "port": "22", "remotePath": "/example/path", "sshKeyFile": "~/.ssh/id_rsa", "passphrase": "your_passphrase" } The passphrase is optional, only if your key require it.

FTP protocol :

{ "type": "ftp", "host": "", "user": "username", "password": "password", "port": "21", "remotePath": "/example/path" }

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