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Server Script by Mark Hahn

Install with:
    apm install server-script


Atom editor package to sync files and/or run a script on the server


Sync files (Optional)

You can sync local changed files to a server by using an Atom command and/or sync on every save.

Run script on server (Optional)

Write and edit a script on the local machine with Atom and then run the script on a server using an Atom command and/or run it on every save. You will be able to move existing server scripts to a local project folder and then run them on any server without putting the script on the server.


Run apm install server-script on the command line or use the settings page.

There is no need to install anything on the server.

Your local machine must have rsync installed. Your local machine and the server must have ssh running. Test that SSH works by executing ssh ls on the command line. If you need a password to access the server use ssh ls.


Contents Of The .server-script Folder

Config File Setup (setup.cson)

License - MIT

Server-script is copyright by Mark Hahn using the MIT license.

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