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Sequence Diagram

Install with:
    apm install sequence-diagram

Sequence Diagrams

A simple, textual way to draw sequence diagrams in Atom. Write out the diagram in any buffer and press ctrl+s to see a live rendering.

sequence-diagram demo


``` # Lines starting with # are comments. title: Secure food delivery

We can optionally create aliases for participants so they have

# shorter names. participant Bob as b

Alice->Bob: Authentication request

Instead of referring to “Bob” we can use his alias, “b”.

note right of b: Thinks about it Bob->Alice: Authentication response Alice–>Bob: optional negotiation Bob–>Alice: negotiation response note over Alice, Bob: Authentication complete

note left of Alice: Hungry… Alice-»Bob: Food request Bob->Bob: Procure food Bob-»Alice: Food response note over Alice, Bob: Transaction complete ```

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