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Scilab Language

Install with:
    apm install scilab-language

scilab-language package

Build Status

This package adds the support of Scilab language in Atom, with syntax highlighting. This package is a fork of language-scilab by Jeremy Heleine.

Contributions are greatly appreciated. Please fork this repository and open a pull request to add snippets, make grammar tweaks, etc.

Changes in respect to the original package

This package is a fork of language-scilab 0.1.0. Though based, nearly everything in the code is altered.


Known issues

Planned features

About multi-line support

If you have the feeling that something may not be right or something is missing, please check the About multiline support about the multiline support of the grammar.

Feel free to try your best resolving the grammar errors if you encounter them in multiline usage.

Keywords: scilab, grammar, whereami Suggest keywords
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