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Rusty Dark Syntax

Install with:
    apm install rusty-dark-syntax

Rusty dark syntax theme for Atom

Notice: If you have atom-language-rust package installed, it will override various colors defined in this theme.

To make sure this theme looks as advertised, uninstall atom-language-rust, install language-rust (or language-rust-redux), and restart Atom.

The main motivation was to make a syntax theme that works well for the Rust language. All I needed was suitable inspiration. How would rusty theme look like? Let’s see:

Rusty Inspiration

Of course, I tried not overdo it and keep it functional. This resulted in following choices:

Of course, I also tested it with other languages, in particular: js, html, css, less, java, lua, php, bash, toml, markdown, protobuf, sql.

The result:


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