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Rustsym by Michael Huynh (

Install with:
    apm install rustsym


apm ci

An Atom package that provides symbol navigation for Rust code using rustsym.


This package is designed to coexist with other Atom packages that offer a symbols provider for source code.

Standard installations of Atom should come with the symbols-view package by default. As such, the default settings used by this package have been chosen in order to avoid extra configuration for compatibility with symbols-view.

The Override Commands setting is necessary for letting this package become the symbols provider for Rust source code in the presence of other providers in the Atom environment. With the setting enabled, commands for showing file or project symbols will instead be delegated to this package.

If you are not using symbols-view, then you will need to set the command names for toggling file or project symbols so that this package can intercept the right commands and be triggered.

Package Commands

In the event you do not wish to use the same key bindings as your preferred symbols provider to trigger this package, the following commands are available for setting manual key bindings.

Note that the Override Commands setting is unnecessary if you choose to create key bindings for the commands just above.


Simply press the key combination for toggling file or project symbols to bring to focus a search panel. As you enter search terms to locate your symbol of interest, rustsym will run in the background and return a list of results. Use the and keys to scroll through the results and then press ENTER to navigate to the symbol currently highlighted. Alternatively, you can also click on a symbol for navigation.


This package is still under development.

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