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Rust Doc Viewer

Install with:
    apm install rust-doc-viewer

Rust Documentation Viewer

View your Rust project docs right inside of Atom.


An Atom package to make viewing your project’s Rust documentation much easier. This plugin will open up your current Rust project’s documentation in a seperate pane so you don’t have to have a web browser open at the same time as atom.

How to Use

first, make sure you have your rust project’s root folder in atom’s tree view. You can add this by right-clicking and selecting Add Project Folder. After that you’ll need to make sure your docs are built, by running cargo doc in your project’s root dir. After this, you can open up your project with alt-shift-D or by pressing ctrl-shift-p and typing in Rust Doc Viewer open

Note that these will open up your own rust docs, which is useful if you are using a project framework such as amethyst, or tcod-rs. This is still in development, and feedback is appreciated.


You can install the package directly from your atom text editor by searching for rust-doc-viewer in packages. You can also install it from the commandline using apm install rust-doc-viewer.


A big thanks to Atom Web View for a nice framework for having atom panels with iframes in them. I encourage you to check it out.

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