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Run Commandtwo by Nathaniel Johnson

Install with:
    apm install run-commandtwo

“Run Command” for Atom

Fork of Execute any arbitrary command in Atom. Derived from Phil Nash’s Ruby Quick Test.

Run Any command!

### Grunt 'Run Command' dialog

Color Support

'Run Command' dialog

Bash Completion

Integrated with compgen to give you tab autocompletion.

'Run Command' dialog

Hit tab and you’ll get the largest substring filled in for you. 'Run Command' dialog


Make sure you have ~/.bashrc setup so your path works properly

Smack ctrl-r to open up this:

'Run Command' dialog

Enter a command, and whack enter to run it:

Running `rake spec`

Clack down cmd-ctrl-r to run it again:

Re-running `rake spec`

Together, these let you do this:

Bernhardt-style TDD

(You can also toggle the command output with cmd-ctrl-x, or kill the last command with cmd-ctrl-alt-x)


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