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Require Opener by Hugh Kennedy

Install with:
    apm install require-opener


Atom plugin for selecting one or more require statements and opening up their documentation on or opening their target files.



Open the Command Palette, and run one of the following commands:

Node.js core modules will be opened on’s API documentation for the two former cases, and ignored in the latter case.


To add your own keybindings for this package, simply open your keymap file and include something along the following lines:

coffee 'atom-workspace': 'cmd-ctrl-shift-alt-g': 'require-opener:open-selections-on-npm' 'cmd-ctrl-shift-alt-n': 'require-opener:open-selections-on-github' 'cmd-ctrl-shift-alt-o': 'require-opener:open-selections-in-atom' 'cmd-ctrl-shift-alt-r': 'require-opener:open-selections-readmes'


MIT. See for details.

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