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Rename Tabs by JP Richardson

Install with:
    apm install rename-tabs

Atom Rename Tabs

Renames your Atom Text Editor tab titles to more useful names if there are many instances of the same file name open. This is consistent with Sublime Text editor tab title behavior.

Atom’s tab naming isn’t very helpful if there are multiple files with the same name open. This package is useful if you write Node.js app with a lot of files named index.js. Atom would title the tabs index.js - /my/project.... That’s not very helpful. Assuming you have two files: /my/project/foo/index.js and /my/project/bar/index.js the tabs to index.js - foo and index.js - bar respectively.

To be clear, this isn’t only for Node.js developers. This is for those who like Sublime Text editor’s tab title convention.


apm install rename-tabs

or go to SettingsInstallSearch and search for rename-tabs.


Just open and edit files, the renaming will happen automatically.


MIT Copyright (c) 2015 JP Richardson

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