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Remote Edittwo by Sverre Aleksandersen

Install with:
    apm install remote-edittwo

remote-edit for

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Atom package to browse and edit remote files using FTP and SFTP.

Key features

Security concerns

Keyboard shortcuts

Shift+e Edit hosts. Usable when selecting hosts (Browse).

Shift+d Delete hosts or downloaded files. Usable when selecting hosts (Browse) or open files (Show open files).

Windows / Linux specific

Ctrl+Alt+b Select host.

Ctrl+Alt+o Show downloaded files.

Mac OS X specific

Ctrl+Cmd+b Select host.

Ctrl+Cmd+o Show downloaded files

Tips and tricks

### SSH auth with password fails On some sshd configuration (Mac OS X Mavericks), if PasswordAuthentication is not explicitly set to yes, ssh server will not allow non-interactive password authentication. See this issue for more in-depth information.

Agent authentication when using SSH

The package uses ssh2 to connect to ssh servers, and also use the default construct in this package to authenticate with an agent. On Windows, the agent will be set to “pageant”, otherwise it assumes a \ix system and uses “process.env[‘SSH_AUTH_SOCK’]” to get the agent. This can be overridden in the settings.


### Available commands Available commands

Add a new FTP host

Adding a new FTP host

Add a new SFTP host

Adding a new SFTP host

Edit existing host

Editing an existing host

Select host

Select host

Browse host

Browsing host

Show downloaded files

Show open files

Settings window

Settings window for remote-edit

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