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Redmond Syntax by Steve Ognibene

Install with:
    apm install redmond-syntax

redmond-syntax theme

An Atom syntax theme for fans of the Visual Studio Blue theme.

This is a syntax theme; for the complimentary UI theme, please also download redmond-ui.

There is plenty left to do, and a few shortcomings in how Atom parses the languages prevent more accurate highlighting.

Decent Support: * TypeScript * CSS * Markdown

Basic Support: * C#

Written by Steve Ognibene (@nycdotnet).

Example for TypeScript


Example for C Sharp

redmond-syntax C#


Uninstall redmond-syntax if you have it already. Make sure the folder is deleted under ~/.atom/dev/packages/. Clone the redmond-syntax repo, open a command-prompt there, and run apm link --dev to symlink the repo to ~/.atom/dev/packages. Run a separate instance of Atom in dev mode: atom --dev to enable refreshing it when you change the .less files in this package.

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