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Install with:
    apm install rebelchat


Be Rebel - Chat Rebel. 💬

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RebelChat is an integrated Chat system for the Hackable Atom Editor. It is a modern way to keep in touch with any team, and keep your messaging under control right in your editor.


This project aims to provide unified UI/UX for all available communication channels. We do believe that you don’t need to install and track all different chat apps, if all you need is just chat with your friends and colleagues.


How to start

To start RebelChat just press ctrl-alt-cmd-m, enter you credentials and enjoy your chatting experience.

By default RebelChat provides some keymaps. But feel free to change it any way you want. You can read more about keymaps here

Default Keymaps

Here is all default keymaps, but you can always disable it in package settings, or add your own in your ~/.atom/keymap.cson file.

Command macOS Windows Linux
rebel-chat:toggle (toggles main window) ctrl-alt-cmd-m    
rebel-chat:choose-channel (open channel select) cmd-shift-k    
rebel-chat:focus-input (focus master input) cmd-l    
rebel-chat:team-1 (switch to team 1) cmd-1    
rebel-chat:team-2 (…) cmd-2    
rebel-chat:team-3 (…) cmd-3    
rebel-chat:team-4 (…) cmd-4    
rebel-chat:team-5 (…) cmd-5    
rebel-chat:team-6 (…) cmd-6    
rebel-chat:team-7 (…) cmd-7    
rebel-chat:team-8 (…) cmd-8    
rebel-chat:team-9 (…) cmd-9    


Manual installation

You can install the latest RebelChat version manually from console:

bash $ apm i RebelChat

If you wish you can install it from source, so you will be able to develop it test it on your own environment.

bash $ git clone && cd RebelChat $ apm i $ apm link .

Then restart Atom editor. This command will clone, install all dependencies, and link RebelChat to the ~/.atom/packages folder


This project sponsored by Sphere Software as part of our Open Source initiative.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2017 Anton Shemerey @shemerey

Full license file here

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