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React Native Snippets Horse by Matt Condon (

Install with:
    apm install react-native-snippets-horse


A collection of React Native snippets for Sublime Text and Atom.

These snippets use ES6/7 syntax.


Install by searching for react-native-snippets in Package Control or the Atom Package Manager.


Snippet Tab Trigger Description
React Native Create Class rncc Scaffolds a full react-native component class.
this.setState() tss
Create StyleSheet css Scaffolds a StyleSheet-only module.
StyleSheet.create() ssc Shortcut for creating a StyleSheet inline.
React.PropTypes. rpt

Lifecycle Methods

Snippet Tab Trigger
constructor() constructor()
componentWillMount() cwm
componentDidMount() cdm
componentWillUnMount() cwum
componentDidUnMount() cdum
componentWillUpdate() cwud
componentDidUpdate() cdud
componentWillReceiveProps() cwrp
shouldComponentUpdate() scud
static propTypes = {} propTypes
static defaultProps = {} defaultProps
flex: 1 f1
alignItems: 'center' ai
justifyContent: 'center' jc


Snippet Tab Trigger
ActivityIndicatorIOS rnActivityIndicatorIOS
DatePickerIOS rnDatePickerIOS
Image rnImage
ListView rnListView
Navigator rnNavigator
NavigatorIOS rnNavigatorIOS
PickerIOS rnPickerIOS
Text rnText
TouchableHighlight rnTouchableHighlight
View rnView

Some snippets heavily inspired by sublime-react.



  1. Create your snippet.
  2. Postfix your snippets with _react_native.
  3. Add them to the README
  4. Submit a Pull Request
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Try to make your snippet tab triggers follow a syllable-based fuzzy-search style. For example for componentWillUpdate(), cwud is preferred over cwup.



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