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Python Snippets

Install with:
    apm install python-snippets

Python Snippets for Atom

Install :

apm install python-snippets

Note :fire:

This package is Under considerable development. Please don’t Be too excited. Also You can help if you want to. :smile:


Snippets list

The tkinter snippets assume that you have imported tkinter as tk import tkinter as tk

```css # Normal missing Functionality

‘def’ ‘body’: ‘’’ def ${1:fname}(${2:arg}): ${3:pass} ‘’’ ‘defi’ ‘body’: ‘’’ def init(self, ${1:arg}): ${2:pass} ‘’’ ‘print’ ‘body’: ‘print($1)’

# tkinter snippets   'button'
'body': 'tk.Button(${1:root}, text="$2")'

‘label’ ‘body’: ‘tk.Label(${1:root}, text=”$2”)’

‘frame’ ‘body’: ‘tk.Frame(${1:root})’

‘entry’ ‘body’: ‘tk.Entry(${1:root})’

‘grid’ ‘body’: ‘grid(row=$1, colomn=$2)’

‘sticky’ ‘body’: ‘sticky=tk.$1’

‘checkbutton’ ‘body’: ‘tk.Checkbutton(${1:root}, text=”$2”)’

‘mainloop’ ‘body’: ‘mainloop()’ ```

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