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Python Nosetests

Install with:
    apm install python-nosetests

Python Nosetests

Run python nosetests from within the Atom editor.



This package depends on the nose and nosetests-json-extended python plugins. They can be installed with:

sudo pip install nose nosetests-json-extended


When running nosetests for the first time on a project, go to the project root and run the tests from the command line:

(python2) nosetests --with-json-extended
(python3) python3 -m nose --with-json-extended

This will generate a file nosetests.json which contains, besides the test results, also the required information to re-run the tests.

In the Atom editor, open a file that belongs to the project and go to:

Menu -> Packages -> Python Nosetests -> Run   (Or press F5)

The Python Nosetests package will now locate the nosetests.json file, run the tests again and show the results.

When trying this package, this python-testproject can be used to generate some succeeding, failing and erroneous test cases.


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