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Python Mrigor

Install with:
    apm install python-mrigor

python-mrigor package

Integration of mr.igor in atom!

(from mr.igor’s README):

mr.igor is an extension to pyflakes that will learn where you import things from, and then automatically fill in missing imports from the place they are most often imported.

This package integrates mr.igor in your atom editor. Just install mr.igor in your system (pip install mr.igor), and then install this package in atom.

Whenever you save a python file, mr.igor will save all imports, so that you can remember them in any other python file just pushing ctrl-alt-i

The idea of this package came after having used mr.igor through Martin Aspeli’s SublimeTextIgorPlugin for SublimeText 2 and Timo Stollenwerk’s MrIgor for SublimeText 3.

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