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Python Debugger

Install with:
    apm install python-debugger

Python-Debugger package

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An Atom package for an IDE-like Python debugging experience.

This package is a modification of swift-debugger. Thanks to aciidb0md3r!

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to use

  1. Install using APM $ apm install python-debugger language-python The language-python package provides syntax highlighting
  2. Open the Python file to debug and insert breakpoints
  3. Press alt-r to show the debugger view
  4. Insert input arguments in the input arguments field if applicable
  5. Hit the Run button. Focus moves to the first breakpoint.
  6. Use the buttons provided to navigate through your source. You can enter debugger commands directly in the command field.

The current version should support Python 2.5 and higher, including Python 3. The Python executable to be used while debugging can be changed in the settings.

Atom Python Debugger

Current limitations

Pull requests welcome!

Happy debugging!

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