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Install with:
    apm install punchclock


Punchclock allows you to track time spent on projects, and provides (or rather will provide) ways to view the data in different ways as well as the ability to export and integrate this data with external endpoints.

Default Status Bar View


Active & Tracking Time

Punchclock Active

Paused State

Punchclock Paused

As of 0.6.1, Punchclock has basic support for loading/unloading projects from Atom. The project is defined by the FIRST project path given (for lack of a clearer definition of what a project is in Atom for now).

Although every effort is made to keep things as stable as possible, please do note that the package is under constant development so there might be occasional bugs. If you run across any issues, please add an issue with the details.


Command Line

bash apm install punchclock


Command Palette ➔ Settings View: Install Packages ➔ Punchclock


Punchclock currently supports the core basic functionality of being able to track time spent on projects, and persists this data to its internal data store, as well as basic reporting.

Reposting, external services integration & other features are currently in development and will be released gradually.

Current Features




Starts tracking time on this project

Issuing this command when time tracking is paused, will continue from where it left off



Pause time tracking temporarily without loosing already tracked time

Issuing this command when time tracking is paused, will continue from where it left off



Stops tracking time, and saves the tracked time data



Discards current tracked time data (not saved), and starts fresh again



Stop tracking time, and discard the tracked time up to this point

Action is permanent and tracked time data will be lost forever prior to save!



Displays the Punchclock UI interfaces - only the Dashboard (basic version) available at this point

Feedback & Issues

Any feedback is appreciated!

There are a number of features that are under development, but if there are specific features you would like to see added, please add an issue and tag it as “feature”.

If you encounter any bugs or cannot get something working, please check the current open issues to see if it has already been raised, before adding a new issue with the problem you are facing.

I work on this project in my spare time so unfortunately I can make absolutely no guarantees about fixes.

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