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Proto Repl Sayid

Install with:
    apm install proto-repl-sayid

proto-repl-sayid package

This is a work in progress but it is available for alpha testing.

Proto REPL Sayid is an Atom Package that integrates Proto REPL and Sayid to provide a visual call stack in Proto REPL.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the proto-repl-sayid Atom package.
  2. Add the proto-repl-sayid Clojure library to your dependencies. Clojars Project


  1. Start a REPL using Proto REPL or connect to a REPL.
  2. Bring up the Proto-REPL Sayid Call Graph display. Click Packages -> proto-repl-sayid -> Toggle
  3. Right click in the Atom tree view on a folder and select Proto REPL Sayid -> Trace Directory/File
  4. Execute some code. You can run a test or manually execute something.
  5. Click Display Last Captured in the Proto-REPL Sayid Call Graph tab.
  6. Hover above displayed nodes to see details.
  7. Double click on a node to show the details inline.
  8. Click the def button to temporarily define the arguments the function received.



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