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Project Plus

Install with:
    apm install project-plus

Project Plus

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Simply awesome project management in Atom.


apm install project-plus


Project Finder

Project Tab


Project Plus: Open

Switch to a project (in the current atom window by default*) by selecting one or more folders using an OS folder picker.

Project Plus: Close

Close the current project and revert to an empty atom window.

Project Plus: Save

Saves the current project and marks it to be shown in the project finder ( if not using auto-discover).

Project Plus: Remove

Remove a project from the session storage and from the projects.cson.

Project Plus: Edit Projects

Opens the projects.cson file. This file can be populated either manually or via saving projects with project-plus:save.


Auto Discover

Disable to limit the project finder to explicitly saved projects ( managed through projects.cson in the Atom configuration directory).

Project Home

Specify a folder or glob pattern to limit projects that are discovered. This is a case-sensitive field, make sure you’ve got the path name specified correctly.

Show Project Path

Disable to hide the project paths.

Open in New Window

Open projects in a new window by default. shift-enter will always do the inverse.


Always feel free to help out! Whether it’s filing bugs and feature requests or working on some of the open issues, Atom’s contributing guide will help get you started while the guide for contributing to packages has some extra information.


MIT License - see the LICENSE for more details.

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