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Install with:
    apm install pristine-ui

Pristine UI theme

A dark UI theme based off of One Dark UI




overlay > Shown with the duotone-dark-space-syntax syntax theme. Icons by file-icons.

New Features

File indicator dots and folder scope lines in the tree-view. Also, modified styles for overlays and the status bar. #### Tree View tree view


Navigate to Settings > Install , select Themes, and search for pristine-ui.

Once installed, this theme can be activated by going to the Settings > Themes section and selecting “Pristine UI” from the UI Themes drop-down menu.


Since this theme is forked from One Dark UI, it brings along some nice additions of being able to tailor font sizes and layout modes.

In the theme settings you can change the Font Size to scale the whole UI up or down.

Switch between 3 Layout Modes:

  1. Auto (default) - In Auto mode, the UI and font size will automatically change based on the window size.
  2. Compact - The UI stays compact, leaving more space for the editor.


  1. Spacious - The UI is expanded, giving some breathing room.


And pick a Tab Sizing mode:

  1. Auto (default) - In Auto mode, the tabs switch based on the window size.
  2. Minimum - In Minimum mode, the tabs will be as small as possible.
  3. Even - In Even mode, all tabs will be the same size.

Special Thanks

To the One Dark UI creators/contributors, without which this theme would not exist.

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