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Preview Plus

Install with:
    apm install preview-plus

preview-plus package Preview Anything to Anything

MOVING THE DEVELOPMENT TO PP(npm install pp) check out INSTALL BROWSER-PLUS –> apm install browser-plus or check out in the packages

One Utility to handle the following matrix of previews * Coffeescript: [‘JavaScript’,’HTML’,’htmlp’] * javascript: [‘CoffeeScript’,’HTML’,’htmlp’] * jade: [‘HTML’,’htmlp’] * slim: [‘HTML’,’htmlp’,’erb’] * markdown: [‘HTML’,’htmlp’] * jsx: [‘JavaScript’,’HTML’,’htmlp’] * typescript: [‘JavaScript’] * erb: [‘HAML’] * haml: [‘HTML’,’htmlp’] * html:[‘htmlp’,’Jade’,’Ruby Slim’,’GitHub Markdown’,’JSX’,’HAML’] * css: [‘Stylus’,’LESS’,’Sass’,’SCSS’] * less: [‘CSS’] * stylus: [‘CSS’] * sass: [‘CSS’] * scss: [‘CSS’] * handlebars: [‘HTML’,’htmlp’] * cjsx: [‘JavaScript’,’HTML’,’htmlp’,’CoffeeScript’]


apm install preview-plus
for issues with installation please update the github for resolution.


Check if it is working by going to the test folder(preview-plus/spec/test/) and try previewing each of it.
Here is quick getting started

Go to the config settings in the preview-plus to change default (Live Switched on)

You change the default preview for each format from the config file.
Open the file using the command Preview-Plus:Config
Add fileTypes to identify to a particular grammar
All the available preview for each format is maintained in the config setting
Double click on any format to display as HTMLPreview

preview Typescript to JS

Here is some video link to the demo


~~When the Compiler put up the preview in the split screen and the editor is closed with the preview tab still on Then there is a errror when reopening.
I will raise it up in the discussion forum.~~ ~~click on save when it asks for save/cancel..this bring it up in the same place but without the split screen.~~ The webview right now has issues in chrome. So for now there is option for iframes but they cannot execute javascript. So The webview closes as soon as it loses focus.(I think this is going to go away ) So 2 html previews cannot be open at one time. This will resolved once the chrome bug is resolved. I have tested using windows. You are welcome put the test result /raise issues for other os. The Slim compiler which is installed as gems generate a batch file. So I have the command as slim.bat for running as spawn. if it is any other os I have it as just the command.
~~There is a weird error (backspace/delete key would not work while update base href for html preview in the modal panel)~~

You are welcome to contribute by adding new precompile options/submit issues to the github repo.


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