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Preview Inline

Install with:
    apm install preview-inline

Preview LaTeX maths and Images inline

For markdown, pandoc flavor markdown language or language-markdown is recommended

Preview Latex formula and images embedded directly in your documents - no need to generate a full PDF or HTML preview to check your figures and formula! Works in Markdown and Tex files.

Demo of preview-inline


Place your cursor within the image link or inside a math block and trigger preview-inline: show or use the default keyboard shortcut ctrl-alt-p.

Works with inline maths between $ signs and blocks between $$, in markdown and LaTeX, as well as raw and latex code blocks in triple-backticks in Markdown. You can also select arbitrary regions to preview.

You will want to install an improved markdown syntax packages such as pandoc flavor markdown language (language-pfm package) or language-markdown first for support for math regions delimitated by ‘$’ or ‘$$’. Otherwise only raw code and tex blocks in the standard github-markdown should work.


See also

Some handy packages for working on markdown documents:


Contributions via pull request are welcome.

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