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Prettier Atom

Install with:
    apm install prettier-atom

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Atom package to format your JavaScript using Prettier. Comes with powerful optional ESlint integration.


prettier demo


apm install prettier-atom

Or, Settings → Install → Search for prettier-atom

Make sure to restart Atom app after package installation.


Use two ways:

If you use ESlint, check the “ESLint Integration” checkbox and poof, everything should work (we use Kent Dodds’s prettier-eslint plugin under the hood). We will recursively search up the file tree for your package.json and eslint settings and use them when formatting.

prettier-eslint demo

More detailed descriptions of each option can be found in the Atom settings for this plugin.

Please open a pull request or file an issue if you notice bugs or something doesn’t work as it should!


This repository was created by James Long to go along with his Prettier project. Kent C. Dodds extended Prettier to add eslint --fix integration as prettier-eslint and forked the original prettier-atom plugin to create the prettier-eslint-atom plugin. Because it became clear that the plugins were very similar and thus maintenance made easier by combining the two, prettier-eslint-atom, Rob Wise merged prettier-eslint back into prettier-atom.


Rob Wise


Thanks goes to these people (emoji key):

James Long

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Rob Wise

💻 📖 💬 💡 👀 ⚠️ |
Kent C. Dodds

💻 📖 🚇 |
Luca Barone

Arnar Þór Sveinsson

💻 |
Adam Miskiewicz

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Ori Livni

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Leon Chen

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Christopher Chedeau

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Christoph Geschwind

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Andrew Hutchings

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David Schnurr

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Ryan Cole

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Dara Hak

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Stephen John Sorensen

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Lukas Geiger

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Viktor Charypar

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Mats Högberg

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!



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