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Php Refactoring

Install with:
    apm install php-refactoring

PHP Refactoring for Atom

PHP Refactoring Browser implementation for atom.



### Requirements * PHP * patch command on your system * refactor.phar download here

Just search php refactoring in Settings > Install. If you are Windows user you have to install Git Bash first because this plugins require patch command in your system to change code.


If you can’t see package settings open Extract Method panel and close it. Then go to Settings and you will see settings. (It’s Atom bug)

If you are Windows user you will have to specify patch command path. When you are using Git Bash it’s located at: C:/Users/<Your User Name>/AppData/Local/Programs/Git/usr/bin/patch.exe


You can use default key bindings or select code range / variable and right click on it. Also you can use navigation in Packages > PHP Refactoring.

To rename or convert variable you have to have selected variable, not just cursor on it.

Default key bindings


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