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Php Integrator Navigation

Install with:
    apm install php-integrator-navigation


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This package provides code navigation for your PHP source code using PHP Integrator.

Note that the php-integrator-base package is required and needs to be set up correctly for this package to function correctly.

Note that the hyperclick package is also required.

What is included? * Navigate to the definition of your global PHP constants and functions. * Navigate to the PHP documentation of built-in classes and functions by alt-clicking them. * Navigate to the definition of classes, traits and interfaces by alt-clicking them. * Navigate to the definition of class, trait and interface members by alt-clicking them.

Tip: You can also alt-click the names of classes, interfaces and traits inside docblocks! If an item is navigable, it will be underlined when moving your mouse over it while holding the alt modifier key.

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