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Php Integrator Autocomplete Plus

Install with:
    apm install php-integrator-autocomplete-plus


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This package provides autocompletion for your PHP source code using PHP Integrator as well as Atom’s autocomplete-plus.

Note that the php-integrator-base package is required and needs to be set up correctly for this package to function correctly.

What is included? * Autocompletion for local variable names. * Autocompletion for global functions and constants. * Autocompletion (snippets) for tag names in docblocks. * Autocompletion for class, interface and trait members. * Autocompletion for class, interface and trait names as well as their constructors. * Automatic adding of use statements when class names are autocompleted (with a somewhat intelligent positioning). * Included is a command to sort the current use statements.

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