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Php Hyperclick by Hari KT

Install with:
    apm install php-hyperclick

php-hyperclick package

Open the class files when you trigger ctrl + mouse left click.

How it works!

Inspired by

This works with the help of some dependencies

Optional dependency:

Making composer an optional dependency

Even though the class finding functionality is relied on composer, you can easily make the necessary change to make composer as optional dependency.

The base working of the package is it tries to find the file /vendor/autoload.php which returns an autoloader object. It assumes the object has a method findFile($class_name).

So if you are not using composer, keep a vendor/autoload.php file on the root of your project.

```php // vendor/autoload.php

$autoloader = new YourAutoloader();

// Make sure there is findFile method which can return the path to the file when class name is passed

return $autoloader; ```


Known Limitations


Special Thanks to

and to everyone who have helped knowingly/unknowingly to make this happen.

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