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Php Cs Fixer by Matthias Pfefferle

Install with:
    apm install php-cs-fixer

apm apm apm

php-cs-fixer Atom-Package

Run the “PHP Coding Standards Fixer” within your Atom Editor

This version requires the PHP-CS-Fixer >= v2.0.0!

A screenshot of your package


bash $ apm install php-cs-fixer

or find it in the Packages tab under settings


The package requires the “PHP Coding Standards Fixer” Cli build by SensioLabs. Minimum version required is 2.0.

Installation via Composer

bash $ ./composer.phar global require friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer

For other installation methods, see


ctrl-cmd-s or Php Cs Fixer: Fix in the Command Palette.

(The commands can also be found in the settings-menu of the Package)


You can configure php-cs-fixer from the Atom package manager or by editing ~/.atom/config.cson (choose Open Your Config in Atom menu).

Here’s an example configuration:

cson "php-cs-fixer": allowRisky: false # whether to run risky rules, false by default executablePath: "~/.composer/vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer" # the path to the `php-cs-fixer` executable executeOnSave: false # execute PHP CS fixer on save phpExecutablePath: "/usr/bin/php" # the path to the `php` executable rules: "-psr0,@PSR2,binary_operator_spaces,blank_line_before_return,..." # or null showInfoNotifications: true #show some status informations from the last "fix"


Mac OS X + brew

By @gammamatrix

To get it to work with brew, you need to cat the contents of the script installed with brew install php-cs-fixer:

Check to see where it installed

bash $ which php-cs-fixer /usr/local/bin/php-cs-fixer

Cat the script

```bash cat /usr/local/bin/php-cs-fixer #!/bin/sh

/usr/bin/env php -d allow_url_fopen=On -d detect_unicode=Off /usr/local/Cellar/php-cs-fixer/1.8.1/libexec/php-cs-fixer.phar $* ```

Paste the path for php-cs-fixer.phar in Executable Path

Go back to settings in Atom for php-cs-fixer.


FYI:PHP executable Path” is empty for my set up. I also installed PHP with brew.

Use the keystroke: ctrl-cmd-s

I hope this helps 8)

This works for me without errors.


Support for PHP-CS-Fixer v1.x.x

The latest version of this plugin requires PHP-CS-Fixer >= v2.0.0, to use it with PHP-CS-Fixer v1.x.x, install version 3.0.0 or lower.

bash $ apm install php-cs-fixer@3.0.0

I have updated the plugin to 2.3.0 and it does not work any more

I had to add a new settings-parameter “PHP executable Path” to get the plugin running on Windows, so be sure to check if the new setting is configured properly.

On Windows this add-on does not work while running manually from the command line works

You probably have to add the directory of the php.exe to the PATH environment variable. You can do this in the system properties. You should configure the php-cs-fixer executable path to point to the vendor directory (e.g. C:/Users/{username}/AppData/Roaming/Composer/friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer/php-cs-fixer). For detailed information use the Java guide or this stackexchange answer.

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