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Path Of Exile Item Filter

Install with:
    apm install path-of-exile-item-filter

Path of Exile: Item Filters

This package provides additional support for the creation of Path of Exile filters within Atom, making it easier to create item filters for the game.

The thread for this package on the Path of Exile forums can be found here.


### Grammar Grammar Preview

Allowing your color scheme to apply to item filters.


Completion Preview

Providing you with suggestions, including items from the game where appropriate, as you edit.


Syntax Preview

Error checking for item filters within Atom.

Smaller Features


There are several configuration variables available, allowing you to turn off features that you don’t personally like. These options can be found in the Atom settings panel for this package.

Whitelists for both classes and bases are also available in that configuration menu. These will allow you to edit a filter for future versions of the game.

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