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Output Panel

Install with:
    apm install output-panel

output-panel package

A bottom output panel for running processes and displaying output

Output Panel screenshot


output-panel:show - Show the panel
output-panel:hide - Hide the panel
output-panel:toggle - Toggle the panel
output-panel:run - TODO: prompt the user to run a program in the panel
output-panel:stop - Stop any program currently running in the panel
core:cancel - Hide the panel

Service: output-panel

Returns an object with the following functions:

run(show, path:String, ?args:String[], ?options) - Run a process in the panel (this will stop() any existing, first)

show - If true will immediately display the panel. if "auto" will automatically display the panel if the program displays output. if false will leave the panel in its current state.

path - The path to the program to execute

args - Optional. An array of arguments to pass to the program

options - Optional. An options object compatible with child_process.spawn()

Returns a child_process compatible object of the running process

stop() - Stop and process currently running in the panel

show() - Display the panel

hide() - Hide the panel

toggle() - Toggle the panel

print(line:String) - Print a line of text to the panel

clear() - Clear the panel

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