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Osd Atom Snippets

Install with:
    apm install osd-atom-snippets

Osedea Atom Snippets

All our snippets are conforming to our eslint configuration.

This repo has been inspired a lot by Websbushka’s atom-react-snippets package.

What is a snippet again?

A snippet is a piece of code linked to a shortcut/alias.

In our case, all our snippets’ aliases start by osd for Osedea so we have for example:

But a snippet is a bit more than just a piece of code, it also specify fields that you can fill.

After inserting a snippet, hitting Tab will make your cursor jump from field to field.



Go in a js file and type osd and Atom should propose you all of the possible snippets.

After choosing one, press return and it should insert the snippet with the cursor in the first “field”.

Hit Tab to go from the current “field” to the next “field” of the snippet.

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