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Odoo Snippets

Install with:
    apm install odoo-snippets


Add snippets for the Odoo software development to the Atom editor. Snippets are provided for Python and XML sources. All snippets start with prefix ‘oo_’.

Python snippets: - Create new Odoo object - Inherit/Extend existing Odoo object - Add new field of type Integer, Char, Text, Many2one, One2many, Many2many, Boolean, HTML, Float, Date, DateTime, Selection, Binary - Call to search and name_search - Create method for compute, onchange, constrains - Add a computed field with appropriate methods

XML snippets: - Create the main tags - Create Form/Tree/Search view - Inherit existing Form/Tree/Search view - Add Form’s header with ‘state’ and buttons - Create action - Create menu item for any of the 3 levels (upper bar, category, action) - Add nested groups, notebook and page, page - Add domain to a field - Create security category - Create group, then assign new permissions - Create security rules - Create workflow - Add transition or activity to an existing workflow - Add social messaging and followers

Inspired by the project odoo-pycharm-templates:

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