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Nuclide Test Runner Jest by José Pedro Dias

Install with:
    apm install nuclide-test-runner-jest

Jest Test Runner for Nuclide

What is this?

This is a Jest test runner for Nuclide and its nuclide-test-runner.

It is loosely based on nuclide-test-runner-pytest and reverse engineering. This part helped, along with atom’s inspector.

This is my first atom package and nuclide-test-runner’s documentation is lacking. It works though. If you want to help out please do!

How to install

Install it in an atom instance with nuclide. The package is called nuclide-test-runner-jest there.

You can also do it in the console if you prefer:
apm install nuclide-test-runner-jest

How to use it

Go to menu Nuclide > Test Runner > Toggle
Make sure Jest is chosen on the test runner drop down
Press the Test/Re-test blue button

Notice that this package assumes: * the atom project root is the package.json root * the project has jest-cli locally installed (aka npm install --save-dev jest-cli)

How does it look

by default runs all tests

if you’re editing a test file, runs only that one


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