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Nodemcu Lua Snippets

Install with:
    apm install nodemcu-lua-snippets

nodemculuasnippets package

Snippets for NodeMCU Lua script development. This project is under development.

Available modules snippets * adc * adxl345 * am2320 * apa102 * bit * bme280 * bmp085 * cjson * coap * cron * crypto * dht * encoder * enduser setup * file * gpio * hmc5883l * http * hx711 * I²C * l3g4200d * mDNS (Multicast DNS) * MQTT * net * node (Just a part of it. I will add more later.)

If you want to use function in sub module, You must add : (colon) after a variable then type a prefix.

Like this (variable):(prefix)

Example: mqttcc:mqttcon[Enter] becomes mqttcc:connect(host, port, secure, autoreconnect, established_callback, failure_callback)

Keywords: snippets, nodemcu, lua, esp8266 Suggest keywords
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